You know how it’s said that “the perfect maid of honor is with the bride every step of the way”? Well, this is the whole point. The bride probably chose you to be her maid of honor because you have been with her every step of her life, or at least during the important moments. You were always the only one there for her, thus you can’t just abandon her on her BIG DAY.

1. Your duties start from the moment she asks you

“Would you be my maid of honor?” BAM you are her maid of honor. Your ultimate duty is to make her feel less stressed and more at ease. So you take the excess stress, dust if off of her and handle it yourself.

2. You deal with the bridesmaids

After you know exactly what she wants, you handle the duties of the bridesmaids. Even if it’s going to be who will keep the lipstick for the bride during the reception and who will hold the bouquet if the bride had to use her hands.

3. Dress shopping

Yes, you try as much as possible to go with her to every dress fitting. At the end of the day, she needs someone she can trust. You know what fits her and what doesn’t; you might even need to remind her of her dream dress if she forgets under all the stress.

4. Bridesmaids’ dresses

You help her pick out the bridesmaids’ dresses. Whether color or design or both, she will always need your opinion. However, don’t push it too much. You say your opinion, if she doesn’t take it, drop it!

5. The Bachelorette (El 7enna ya3ni)

If you couldn’t plan it from scratch, and you probably wouldn’t, then help with it. Get the contact numbers that the mother of the bride and the bride want: the catering, the 7enna lady, the female DJ, and the decor whether it’s DIY, so help doing it, or ready made, so help setting it up. As it’s known in Egypt, el 7enna means that the bride will be changing different costumes especially belly dancing ones. If the bride wants to get her own costumes, which is preferable, you should be with her also.

6. Makeup and Hair

Make a list of suggested makeup artists and hairdressers based on the bride’s budget and style, and give it to her to choose from. During the wedding day, make sure to have the contacts of both of them as well as the photographer, in case one of them is running late.

7. Make sure the bride eats

The wedding day is a busy day; the bride might forget to eat especially if she’s not a food kinda person. Make sure the bride eats because with our kind of partying, the bride might not get the chance to eat again till the night ends.

During all those steps and maybe more, always bear in mind that she trusts you, and that’s the main reason she picked YOU, so be honest through it all. Handle all the communications she would want you to handle and give her all the support she needs. And remember, your opinion is always welcomed as long as it’s not forced. Make sure everyone else knows this too. Good luck handling your Bridezilla girly.