horror movies

Even though most people get really scared of horror movies, there are others in this world, including myself, who actually find horror movies quite FUN! Yes, I said it, definitely fun. Not being scared of horror movies has its own perks.

1- It actually gives us an adrenaline rush!

The events of the movie can sometimes excite us, maybe because we kinda face our fears without really facing them in real life.

2- Darkness is definitely not a problem for us.

You know how some people are afraid of the dark? We’re not! Those times when the lights go out and everyone starts to gather in one place, “WE” stay in our places doing whatever we wanna do. Sometimes, we play with the flashlight.


3- We discover interesting things in old horror movies.

When you finally get over your fear of horror movies, you go back to watching the ones which used to scare you the most when you were little and sometimes you can actually get the story! And it gets better when you think that the movie which used to scare you is in fact stupid!

4- We don’t have nightmares when we watch scary movies.

After watching a scary movie, we simply go back to our daily routine and don’t even remember it when it’s time to go to bed. And if we watched it right before we sleep, it’s either we would imagine what we would’ve done if we were that character or we imagine how we could kill things that live in the dark.large

5- We don’t scream at the movie theater.

At that time when everyone at the movies freaks out and screams, we sit back and go like “WOW” because we admire how the director managed to direct a scene like that… Or we just say “WOW” over the screaming people because; it’s not a big deal for us, really!


6- We know what’s gonna happen next!

Due to watching too many horror movies, we get to expect what’s coming. It’s one of the reasons why we don’t freak out.  So, instead of saying “OMG!”,  we say “I knew it!”

We saw it coming, people. We saw it coming.

7- This is not real.

During the movie, all we get to hear in our minds is “This is not real”. This is why we sometimes have the “This is lame” look on our faces.


8- We think that music is almost everything.

One of the things that we got used to is the music. It doesn’t freak us out anymore. Technically, without the sound effects, the movie won’t be that “scary”. So, we get to anticipate the sound effects along with the expected events. Horror movies teach you, man!

9- We don’t just admire the movie.

We notice the makeup and the graphics and we admire them more than the movie itself.

10- Some of us are waiting for the zombie apocalypse! Sorry!