Let’s admit that the downfalls of having a Tinder account in Egypt far outweighs the perks! Whether you’re a guy or a girl, Tinder has disappointed and sometimes even scared you a little bit.

The truth is that there ain’t many perks to having a Tinder account in Egypt; here’s why:


A lot of creepy dudes


You’ve got yourself the Gym Buff, the Nerdy Boy, the I Love Allah dude, the patriots with Mubarak’s or El Sisi’s photo as their profile picture, the showoff and all the other creeps. Sadly, there are no fancy algorithms in place to find you your best match and after a day of swiping left, you can’t help but wonder where did all the cultured and interesting guys go? They’re probably NOT on Tinder.


You don’t get enough matches


On the rare occasions that you swipe right because you’ve finally found a decent looking person who seems normal, you still find that you have 0 matches. It’s probably time for a profile update!


Or you get too many 


Please don’t be one of those people who swipe right just for the sake of having too many options. Nobody likes to be that guy/girl!


It makes you more pessimistic than optimistic about your future love life 


If you were pessimistic about your prospects of finding true love before signing up for Tinder, don’t expect your outlook on love to elevate! Tinder will just prove to you that there are in fact many fish in the sea, but you’ll finally begin to understand why fishermen are not found in abundance in the world.


It makes you sad for humanity 


When you first resorted to Tinder, you thought that this was you hitting rock bottom. But rock bottom comes afterwards. Rock bottom comes when you get to see what kind of people are on Tinder. Rock bottom are the people you swipe left on Tinder!


The number of fake accounts is too damn high 


If you’re going to make a fake account and use a fake photo, at least use a photo of someone who is not easily recognizable. To girls who set their profile picture as a photo of some mainstream Turkish actress, you really aren’t fooling anyone. To girls who put a picture of an adorable little baby girl, what are you trying to say?


Matching with someone but still none of you initiates a conversation 

How I met Your Mother Ted texty Text

The old game known as: “you approached me, so you must be the one who initiates the conversation”. It’s honestly tiring and pointless. It doesn’t matter who talks to whom first, just as long as you’re frickin’ talking!


There are too many people who have Quran Quotes as their profile pictures 


When you’re on Tinder, you’ll see your fair share of Ahadith and Quranic Verses. If you signed up for Tinder and your profile picture is a Quran Quote, you will get 0 matches. Potential matches want to know what your face looks like, your interests and dislikes so they would know whether you two would get along or not. Maybe after you’ve been matched, you can share all your beliefs.


Do you have any funny/miserable/twisted Tinder stories? Please share!