Written by Amr Moussa

Our generation in Egypt is all about social media these days, if you have a crush on someone odds are you are going to be using one network or another to catch their attention. Make sure they understand exactly what you are posting, snapping, tweeting, or filtering with these catchy pick up lines:

“Roses are red. Twitter is blue. That’s why I’m going to happily follow you.”


Almost everyone you know uses Twitter which has the follow option. And if you have a crush on someone who is using it, of course you’ll follow them, not only on Twitter, but also to the end of the world.


“If you ever disappeared from my life. I’ll look for you everywhere. Even in Google’s page 2.”


They say in order to disappear or to hide something, put it in Google’s page 2. Let your crush know how desperately you will look for them, find them, and make them love you with this clever pick up line.


“I don’t need to screenshot your snaps. Your pictures are engraved in my mind.”


We’re snapping everything these days, with the popular app known for the “now you see me, now you don’t mentality.” But remember, you don’t need to save snaps of your crush to remember them. At the middle of the night, their pictures will haunt your memory anyway because you are desperately vulnerable.


“Your name must be Instagram! Your face is naturally filtered.”


It’s tempting to use filters in order to look more beautiful, but your crush should just leave the setting on normal. #StillBeautiful #WithoutFilters


“Do you know why it’s called Facebook? Because I’d write a whole book about your dazzling face.”


Some faces are just too beautiful. No matter how many pages it takes you to start describing, you are going to run out of paper without being able finish describing their beautiful faces. If you got one like this, appreciate it.