Portrait business woman screaming at street car traffic
By Eman Osman
I have come to realize that, me not tolerating loud noises and people whatsoever, is a result of being half European.
And because I have always being able to accurately compare the two sides, I have come to the realization that the norm in Egypt is being loud and people have come to accept that. While in Europe (or at least where I come from), being loud is out of habit.
That said, if you’re anything like me, below is a list of places, situations and people here in Egypt that are just too loud for my liking:

1- Engagements/Weddings

I have no problem with a bit of loud music, but here they don’t seem to understand that at a certain volume the music is no longer enjoyable. Especially if it’s sha3by.

loud-music (1)

2- Some People’s Cars

Yes. I mean the ones that have the music on the maximum volume and their windows down. What makes you think anyone wants to hear your sha3by music?


3- Gatherings

Was it really so funny that I had to hear you laugh from the other end of the street?


4- El Nady

I have recently encountered a football tournament at a club where some genius decided it’s a good idea to get a commentator so everyone in that part town knows that Sherif missed a goal.

giphy (19)

5- Construction Site

giphy (18)

6- Schools

Has anyone at all taught their child that casually screaming your lungs out is not okay?


7- At 3 am

You know… when some idiot decides to race his car and wake up the rest of the world?

giphy (20)

8- Cafés with Shisha

For some unknown reason, shishas smokers are always the loudest.


9- Neighbors

They like to be extremely kind and start hammering when we’re trying to sleep.


Lesson of the article: It’s loud no matter where you go, so I guess we either have to live with it or leave the country.