Taking Your Own Advice

No one person gives bad advice a hundred percent of the time. We’d say the average is about sixty-five to seventy percent of the time, actually, but the point is you are perfectly capable of giving good advice. In fact, some of your friends may seek you out to get your advice because you just know.

But if you’re capable of giving all that good advice, why do you never seem to take it? Why do you always seem to want to take the worst option available?

We’re not going to assume to say we know your every motive, but we know how you can start to finally take what you dish out!

Be objective

The biggest problem we usually have when trying to make decisions about our problems and doing all the self-consulting we can do is that we put ourselves in the midst of things.

Okay, it’s true that you can’t be completely objective while trying to figure out everything, especially when it happens to you, but trying is key here.

Try to remove yourself as much as possible from the situation. Pretend like it’s happening to someone else and advise that person. Then, act according to what you said.

Don’t ignore your very first instinct

Sometimes, when we have a problem or are going through a major life change and the like, we get this interesting first thought. Sometimes, the thought is as simple as “don’t try this” when it comes to new things and often, you’ll find yourself thinking “oh man, why didn’t I listen to that tiny voice?”.

So, you should start listening now. We’re sure that by this point in your life, you’ve started noticing that your first instincts are usually right, one way or another. Sure, this won’t work a hundred percent of the time, but you won’t lose anything if you try.

Remember the bitter past

You’re probably reading this article because, well, you wish you can take your own advice because every time you’ve taken someone else’s, it didn’t go out as you’d thought it would.

You’ll be glad to know this is the easiest tip of all because you probably already do too much of it. Just sit back and think about all the less-than-stellar consequences that followed when you couldn’t just do what you’d advise anyone else to do and you’ll find new incentive to take your own word into consideration.

Remember that you know yourself best

You might be thinking that all the tips we mentioned might not work for you because your advice simply just doesn’t work out for you as it would for someone else.

Give that another thought, though. See, no matter who else gives you advice, there’s still only one person who knows you inside and out and would know what you do or wouldn’t even consider. That person is you, in case you hadn’t noticed. Have some faith in yourself, please.

With these easy ways out, you’ll finally be able to actually listen to yourself!