Just when you thought you’ve heard it all, Egypt surprises you. The latest shocking news states that Egyptian police have arrested a man for running a Facebook page for ‘swinging wives’.

According to youm7, the General Administration For Information & Documentation has received information about the Facebook page, which they investigated immediately.

The investigation led the police to Al-Basateen area. After coordinating with the investigation officials of Al-Basateen police station, 38-year-old furniture worker ‘S.A’ who lived in Al-Basateen was, in fact, guilty of these accusations.

The police later managed to arrest the accused in his house. After confronting him, he eventually confessed to all the accusations against him.

He confirmed that the indecent pictures posted on the Facebook page are in fact his wife’s! To make things worse, his wife said she was not aware that he took her picture, or even posted them online.

In his official statements to the police, the accused narrated the story of how he started this Facebook page and did, in fact, confirm that his wife was not aware of his actions.

He justified the breach of his wife’s privacy by stating “I failed to convince her, so I had to secretly take photos of her without her knowing”.


He was not done yet, however. He added that he started taking indecent photos and videos of her behind her back and encouraged other men to do the same with their wives.

Shockingly, this worked. And this was how he started a “digital swingers club” in Egypt.

During his confessions, the accused blamed his actions on early sexual abuse, claiming that he was sexually assaulted as a child, the thing that led him to become homosexual at a young age. After his marriage, he still couldn’t curb his homosexual desires, and created the page to “spice up” his sexual life with his wife.

While, if true, it is extremely sad that he suffered sexual abuse at a young age. It still, however, doesn’t justify what he has done to his wife and the wives of others.

The accused will be held in custody for four days, while investigators try to arrest the rest of those involved. As for the wife, who was also arrested, she was released after the husband’s confession.

Source: Youm7