In quite a bashing, exclusive ceremony, Egyptian’s favourite brand of juice, Juhayna, the Juicy lucy of all juices, announced the launch of its newest ‘Pure Pomegranate’ to the Egyptian market.

That choice was not a random one and here is why:

-By always studying the broadest cross-section of Egyptian consumers, Juhayna accurately nails the needs of today’s market! TODAY, Pomegranate popped up, as the majority’s favourite and rightly so!

-By introducing the ‘Pure Line’, an innovation in 2001, Juhayna was the first to provide 100% natural juices (no added sugar) to Egypt. So the Pomegranate, the latest addition, is as pure as it gets! Coming from the finest fruit, grown and packaged according to the latest international standards, every sip will take you places. Guaranteed!

-The juice is also fortified with vitamins, giving people that edge of being healthy and fit.


-Choosing Dorra as ambassador of the brand was a cool choice! Sweet, lovable and charming Dorra will definitely give a good face to the newly born juice, especially when you hear her opinion: “Pomegranate is one of my favourite fruits because of it’s numerous benefits; it helps in digestion, treats Anaemia, gets rid of headaches, keeps the skin fresh and keeping your youthful vigour intact”.

The Pure Pomegranate is definitely not going to be the last of Juhayna’s products because they always have something cookin’. We can only wait and see what they have in stores for us next! To say Juhayna has gained natural juice supremacy in Egypt would be the understatement of the year!