There is a myth regarding men not picking up their phones, or checking their whatsapp messages. Even when they do, chances are they would not even bother replying. I’ve been thinking about the reasons and one of the first and most logical excuses that come to mind is, he must be DEAD!! I believe he must have had at least one 5 minute break during the whole day to get back to me. “Sorry was busy all day”  is a lame excuse. You definitely managed to take a leak or have a quick bite! So why on Earth didn’t you get back to me??

To solve this puzzling riddle, I surveyed my male friends hoping to get a comforting answer.

  • He is busy working or in a meeting.



  • Nagging, Nagging, Nagging.
  • Same boring conversation. Calling him several times to share the same daily reports/stories. He already knows what are you going to say.

Bored businessman

  • When you had a fight, some men choose to be distant and remain silent.
  • If you previously dropped the “WE NEED TO TALK” line, this is a green light for your man to disappear, maybe forever.
  • If you normally get on his nerves, and he knows that he will lose his temper. He deliberately reads your message for you to notice the “seen” tick so may be you can eventually F**k off!


  • If you are a fast typer, writing too many words, non sense, details and bull shit; he’ll most probably ignore you.
  • He is not interested anymore but still in denial.
  • If you are a drama queen and he is at work, he will not answer your calls and will not reply to your texts.
  • He could be cheating on you.


  • If you already know he is with a friend or at work and you keep calling and texting, he will not get back to you anytime soon.
  • If he is watching a football match, or if he is overwhelmed in a play station night with the boys.
  • If you are going to complain about the kids, work, or traffic jam.
  • If you asked him for something and he forgot.
  • If he is supposed to go home early and then decides to spend more time out.
  • If he is listening to his favourite song in the car and does not want to be interupted.


  • He is expecting an urgent call.
  • Having some time with his friends “3al Ahwa”
  • Last but not least, he is just not that into you!