You went on a vacation, enjoyed the beach, partying at night, were stress free, then all of a sudden you’re in a vehicle on your way back to Cairo. You try to stay strong, until you look right next to you and you find lights coming from “Madenty,” followed by the sound of horns, traffic, cussing, and all of a sudden you realize YOU GOT WORK TOMORROW!


You feel down and start having the “post-vacation blues.” Fun-not-so-fun-fact: Post-vacation blues is an actual thing that might lead to depression! The thought process of post vacation is usually all over the place. But whatever happens, you try your best to stay calm and not show the people you’re working with because you’ll most probably get sent to a mental institution if you’re out in public.

-You’re at work after a vacation

It’s now a reality. You’re stuck at your desk, working, getting tasks, yelled at by your boss, and you’re seeing all the co-workers you despise. OH CRAP!

­-You try to stay cool

It’s not a big deal. Work is fine, I’m doing great, and I’m healthy….

-I forgot how to job

What’s work? What job? I don’t know anything!



You realize you hate your job. You contemplate getting a sugar dady/mama, and never work again.

-Wanting to be a full-time hippie

Why work? Why have money? Screw the system! I’m the system!!


-You miss your bed

Your bed loves you, accepts you for who you are, is always there for you, and whatever happens, you’ll know where to find it and it’ll be warm for you.

­-But I want to keep my bed…

You need the money. You love your bed, it’s your baby. You have to work to keep it. You keep reminding yourself that whatever you do, it’s for your baby.


-If your whole life is a vacation, you won’t enjoy a vacation

You start imagining if you stayed on a vacation your whole life. You won’t get to experience the satisfaction of an actual vacation.

-Damn, I need my job!

I want the vacation experience again! I NEED MY JOB! I NEED TO HAVE A MISRABLE LIFE TO ENJOY THE GOOD TIMES!

-Your job ain’t so bad

Moment of truth; you actually like your job. It could’ve been way worse – like the ones who extract poop from elephants’ butt. You now start googling “terrible jobs.”


­-You start counting the days till your next vacation

“Hoa fadel kam youm 3al-3eed?”

-Let everyone know you had a great vacation

You made peace with the fact that you have a job and you’re stuck in it. You start talking about how great your vacation was with your co-workers. When they pretend they’re interested in what you’re saying, you start hating them less!


You could really make work a better place for yourself. To make your next post vacation days easier, start planning your first week of return in advance. You know what to expect and it will make things less mentally and emotionally painful for you. You could also buy small souvenirs from the place you’ve been to and put it on your desk as a reminder and motivation. Most importantly, don’t read the million emails you received over the vacation first thing in the morning. Have your coffee, talk with co-workers, and feel relaxed before you see the load of work you have.



N.B: I like my job, my boss is awesome, and my co-workers are great. Please don’t fire me!