Despite everyone’s huge disappointment over our National Team’s shocking elimination from AFCON 2019 last night, we still had to praise a wonderful gesture by the tournament’s organizers headed by Mohamed Fadl.

In case you didn’t follow the story right from the start, here’s how it happened.

It all started 3 days prior to the Egypt versus South Africa match when the loving grandmother of a Down Syndrome child named Ibrahim made a Facebook post expressing how much her grandchild loves football more than anything and how it’s his dream to be one of the kids that escort the National Team’s players to the pitch before the start of the game.

Naturally, the grandmother didn’t expect a quick response especially that Ibrahim is also noticeably older than the rest of the participating kids. But, surprisingly, the post went viral and it found its way to AFCON Director Mohamed Fadl who replied with a post granting the granny her wish!

On the day of the match, Ibrahim was welcomed in the stadium by no other than Gehad Ammer, Assistant to AFCON Director, who stated how the committee is keen on inclusion of all members of the community. In the meantime, his mother kept posting about how ecstatic Ibrahim was during this pre-match tour. Heartwarming, right?

Ibrahim escorted one of his favorite players, Ahmed Hegazy, onto the field and the whole world stood to watch this child’s dream come true. The smile on Ibrahim’s face was just mesmerizing!

Here’s Why Mohamed Fadl is Such an Inspiration!

Finally, we want to point out how small gestures like this one are pretty important and relay the exact message we want to be sending out to the world.

Special thanks are in order for Mohamed Fadl, who responded quickly and proved that everything is possible despite any odds. And finally, dreams do come true y’all!