Like many of their counterparts across the globe, Egyptian women face lots of difficulties when it comes to exercising their basic rights as citizens, employees, mothers, wives or even sisters. People need to understand that women, just like men, have to be respected, appreciated and granted their rights. In hopes of raising awareness, we decided to list some of the basic rights that EVERY woman on this planet should be receiving and if not, then asking for them!

Sharing Household Responsibilities with Her Significant Other

Lately, you would be reading articles, posts and comments about how great of a man he is, if he helps out in cleaning the house or raising the kids along with his wife. Of course such positive acts should be appreciated, but don’t make him feel like he is giving you the world, because frankly speaking this is how a marriage should be like. Sharing the household responsibilities with you is not a privilege. To the contrary, it is your right as a wife to have a caring husband who helps you with every house chore there is.

Facing No Discrimination at the Work Place

You would think that this goes without saying, but some business entities prefer hiring men over women. Other organizations offer higher salaries for the same positions for men than for women. There are even organizations that would choose to promote men to senior managerial positions but not women, just because women can’t be ‘leaders’, even if the woman is performing the exact same job and delivering the exact same results.

Being Given the Proper Maternity Leave

According to the Egyptian law, women are entitled to have three months of paid maternity leave for each child; up to three children, given that they have been contributing to social insurance for the past 10 months. In addition, women who are part of an organization of a maximum of 50 employees are entitled to have up to two years unpaid maternity leave per child. Also, the mother is entitled to have two half an hour nursing breaks per day for 24 months starting from the birth of the child. However, for those working in an organization of 100 employees or more, the organization should provide an in house nursery or at least take charge of placing the child in a nursery till the age of six years.

Wearing Whatever She Wants

Regardless of her beliefs, every woman should have the right to wear whatever she wants, whenever she wants. People should learn to accept every woman’s choice, when it comes to how she wants the world to see her. Not a single person is supposed to force any type of clothing on women or prohibit them from wearing what they want.

These are just a few examples of some of the basic rights that every woman should have and ask for.