The start of the ever-so lovely fall semester is almost near *sobs in dismay.* In 2 days, we’ll all be going back to the bitter-sweetness of college life. AUC-ians, however, seem to unanimously have a few questions in mind as we all find ourselves on the brink of going back to 8:30 am classes and 3-hour labs. Here are some of them:

Why Are We Always the First University to Start the Semester?


Maybe it’s because we have a few extra days off in the middle of the semester, or maybe it’s because we’re the first university to finish the academic year and the administration is simply following a “First In, First Out” decorum. Either way, we’ll never see our summers ending quickly as fair.

What Are the New Food Venues Going to Be Like? What Will They Feed Us?


Food venues at AUC are never there to stay- unless we’re talking about Mcdonald’s; it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon. For the most part, however, they mostly open up for a few semesters before being replaced. After last semester, “The Caf,” “Villa,” and “TBS” seem to be closing down and we’re all waiting on pins and needles to see what they have in store for us next semester!

What Will the TBA (To Be Announced) Professors Be Like?


Oh, the mystery! Sometimes, AUC loves to keep us on the edge by not announcing the identities of professors. So, you go to class literally not knowing what to expect. What fun and exciting times!

How Can We Make the Best Use of “Add and Drop” Week With Minimal Damage? 

my life is a mess

“Add and Drop” week is basically the period, spanning the first week of the semester, we are allowed to drop some classes and add others according to their availability. The problem, though, is that with all the meddling, we can end up with pretty messed up schedules.

What Will the SU (Student Union) Welcome Packs Be Like? 


(photo courtesy of AUC Caravan)

It’s like a tradition- every single semester, the Student Union crew gives out welcome packs to students- though we’re still not entirely sure if they’re only meant to be for Freshmen or for the entire student body (everyone takes them anyways!) So what will they be like this semester? We all know we want one thing and one thing only: POWER BANKS!

All in all, we generally wish you good luck (and a whole lot of patience) as you find yourselves on the brink of the semester! May the odds (of passing) be ever in your favour!