L’Oreal Paris has announced its first revolutionary hair coloring treatment considered the 1st permanent home coloration kit without ammonia. Prodigy is now available in Egypt; it’s devoid of ammonia and works to reinvent the hair coloring technique by creating colors with a prodigiously “natural” result for those who want an extremely elegant and natural looking result.

 Prodigy is a revolutionary formula dedicated specifically for hair care. It’s special formula preserves the essential amino acids and lipids of the natural hair fiber. As a result, hair is significant smoother after coloration, as the fiber’s surface is improved, and hair is visibly nourished. The ammonia-free hair dye isn’t the only reason Prodigy is unlike any other hair-colorant. It also uses a special and unique micro-oil technology, which diffuses the color at the heart of the hair shaft. The results at the end of the coloring technique are very close to the naturally existing hair colors, and gives a “natural” look enhanced by millions of small multi-tonal reflections. According to product manager Ahmed Bassiouni, “the micro-oil technology result is so extraordinary, that every black, blond, red and brown-haired user achieves a whole new level of sophistication.”

 Prodigy was created using an Oil Delivery System, a highly sophisticated technology that uses a heavy concentration of oils and replaces the ammonia typically found in usual hair colorants with an odorless alkaline agent known as monoethanolamine (MEA). MEA is often described as the ‘ODS motor’, due to its high power and technological potential, particularly since it boosts the action of the coloring agents on the hair, helping them to penetrate deeper into the hair fibers and thereby intensifying the result.