Amir Eid

Amir Eid has always been known for his swag and cool-as-a-cucumber attitude. And the best proof of that is his spot on, savage tweets.

We don’t know when exactly did it start, but at some point in the past couple of years, we developed a slight addiction to Amir Eid’s Twitter feed.

Before you judge us, see for yourselves…

Example #1

Just a couple of days ago Rami Malek won a Golden Globe and every Egyptian was beaming with pride. So Amir took to Twitter to congratulate Rami, but he did it in his own ‘Amir’ way.

Amir Eid

I don’t know about you, but we all laughed pretty hard. 

Example #2

Amir has made a habit of sharing the questions he gets on his account on Twitter. And we have to say his answers always make the best joke materials.

Amir Eid


Example #3

Another BURN!

Amir Eid


Example #4

Who can forget this tiny yet powerful Twitter cold war?!

amir eid


Example #5

When he kept it REAL.

amir eid


Example #6

1.0.1 Amir Eid Swag Guide: Keep it short and to the point.

amir eid

You might not know what is the difference between liking and loving but we know that we LOVE you, Amir!

Example #7

We all know he never misses a chance to tease his good friend Zap Tharwat. And we are all here for this strong love-hate bromance.

Amir Eid

Example #8

amir eid

Classic AMIR…

Example #9

amir eid

Humble but still SAVAGE!

Example #10

When he stood up for our generation in the most hilarious way possible.

Amir Eid

Example #11

When his feminism was STRONG!

amir eid

On behalf of all the queens out there, we salute you, Mr. Eid!

Example #12

When he dropped the mic in the face of all his haters while still making us laugh!

amir eid

We are sorry but we have to say it again; DAMN!!!

Okay, we are going to stop now before the Ami Eid Twitter obsession develops any further. 

We hope you enjoyed this ride down the savage land of Amir Eid‘s Twitter feed as much as we did.