If you’re keeping an eye out for the latest news or even if you just scroll through your feed casually every now and then, you probably heard about the arrest of social media personality “Sherry Hanem”, haven’t you?

The news of the arrest came as a shock to fans, social media users and even those who never made her online acquaintance, wondering what could this funny and light-hearted internet persona possibly do to harm anybody? The answer to that question is simply NOTHING.

Still, some people thought that putting an innocent person behind bars just because they don’t subscribe to their own beliefs, expectations or “idealism” is their ethical mission in life.

Nasser Hekaya is a living proof of prejudice. He is using his online-status as an alleged “YouTuber” to promote hate and violence. By crowning himself as the “King of Ethics”, he gets to decide who should be arrested based on his own personal views in life.

Sherry Hanem’s case is definitely not the first incident of the madness. It all began with the arrest of Haneen Hossam and Mawda El Adham. And with people turning a blind eye to the consequences of such arbitrary arrest of female-minors on, basically, no grounds whatsoever…

So within the span of two months or less, we see more than 4 Egyptian females being targeted by other “holier than thou” content creators and later by the authorities. And we can’t help but see the formation of a pattern here.

Are Egyptian females, present online, now under a systematic attack? Isn’t it enough Egyptian women do not feel safe on the streets, that we wake up one day and decide to WITCH-HUNT them online too?

What’s even more alarming is how the likes of Nasser Hekaya are now making YouTube videos bragging and flexing to the fact that they were behind the unjust arrest, and promising of more!

It’s such a shame that YouTube and other social media platforms are giving those “ethics keepers” the means to express their violence and abuse of others.

And isn’t it about time we put into effect some strict laws against incriminating online content creators without solid evidence? Instead of leaving their fate in the hands of random people?

If we sit in silence now and let Nasser Hekaya and the whole bunch of fanatics judge other people’s lives like that, we are actively contributing to build new grounds of harassment and harm!