It’s the age old question: How can I wear high heels without making me want to cut my feet off from the pain? Most of us, if not all of us, have adopted throughout the years the attitude of “Grin and Bear It,” as we are forced to choose between our love for modish shoes over our desire to be comfortable. We wrapped up five tips to help you avoid having to give up one for the other.


1- Choose a shoe with a big platform

It is indisputable that those skinny strappy stilettos may look like a dream, but you should be more realistic about the kind of shoe that you will be wearing the whole night long. Thus, a thin sole will most probably cause you more pain for the bottoms of your feet. You should look for something with a rubberized sole to provide you a bit of a buffer. A shoe that has a bit of platform in front is more likely to reduce the incline of the foot and will provide you with more comfort.

2- Wear insoles

Insoles are God’s gift to women; do not ever underestimate their value when planning to be on your feet all night long. The main objective of the insoles is to act as isolation pads whereby they can effectively absorb the shock or at least some of the shock that passes through the feet as they hit the floor.

3- Sport a foot liner

Foot liners are invisible, they only cover the toe liners yet they give the same comfort of a full sock. Some of them come with a light foam pad for underfoot protection, while others come with a soft silicon strap that goes around the heels to keep them from scrunching up inside the shoe, so that you can comfortably dance the night away.

4- Tape your toes

This may sound a little bit weird, however, the toe tape definitely helps relieve the pressure on the nerve that splits between your third and fourth toe. By taping your third and fourth toes together, less pressure is put on the nerve, which helps in reducing the pain, keeping your balance and avoiding your feet going numb.

5- Wear open, square and round toe shoes

Heels with open, square or round toes are much more comfortable than a pointy-toed or a narrow heel while partying, as pointy-toed heels are more likely to smash the toes together and compact the ball of the foot. This can cause you to experience quick discomfort and will hinder you from enjoying the party. If you know you will be standing a lot go for round, square or open toe shoes.

Always remember when you go out that you don’t want to spend the night complaining about how much your feet are killing you. You will kill the fun for yourself and everyone who has to listen to you. So follow these tips so you can rock those heels without even thinking about it, just have fun!