On Friday, January 4th, it was announced that former Al Ahly Al Masry player – and, until yesterday, Al Ahly Al Saudi player- Abdallah Al-Saeid, has officially signed with Pyramids FC.

While it might seem normal to some, the deal was announced right before the match between Al Ahly and their newly formed rivals Pyramids FC.

The deal came as a surprising plot twist to everyone because of how secretive it was, as well as the shady time of its announcement which was made through a diss track by Oka w Ortiga.


When Pyramids FC emerged into the Egyptian league scene; so many clashes, complications and feuds have surfaced. And this has actually been going on for a while now.

Ever since Pyramids FC founder and funder Torky Al-Sheikh, had his major feud with Al Ahly FC president Mahmoud Al-Khateeb, things have gone downhill. It’s worth mentioning that Al-Saeid’s contract was actually a huge part of this feud.

A few months back, Al Zamalek FC signed Al-Saeid who was waiting for his contract renewal with Al Ahly.

Al-Sheikh then got involved with over 40,000,000 EGP to break off his contract with Al Zamalek for the sake of Al-Khateeb; whom he was helping through the presidency.

However, Al Ahly later decided to offer Al-Saeid for sale after Al-Sheikh paid all of this money to get him back.

Fast forward to post-feud, Al-Sheikh decided to buy Al Asyouty FC, rename it Pyramids FC and put it out there to compete for the title. It was obviously some sort of a comeback in Al-Khateeb’s face.

That was until some more issues occurred leading him to leave Egypt for good. Needless to say, he is still indeed investing in the club with all the players’ contracts and staff salaries.


Long story short, what happened today basically shows that Al-Sheikh targeted Al-Saied for some time now and that the contract has also been signed and the deal was sealed long before it was announced.

The decision to reveal it all on the day of the match between both teams definitely says something.

And that is Al-Sheikh is getting back at Al-Khateeb and Al Ahly’s fans since he mainly left Egypt for good after they cursed and insulted him publicly without punishment.

Pyramids FC’s official Facebook page posted a remake of Oka and Ortega’s famous song ‘Elaab Yala‘; with Al-Saeid starring in the video and the lyrics changed to fit him, of course.

But what everyone noticed is that it was a very direct and clear shade at Al Ahly.

Some sources even confirmed that the Egyptian Football Association has made an exception to speed up Al-Saeid’s transfer and registration process. What is even more shocking than all of this is that Al-Saeid is officially in the starting lineup for today’s game versus Al Ahly, and he has also been given the Captain badge.


As if the whole thing wasn’t dramatic enough; another major plot twist has occurred at the game when Al-Saeid did not just assist the first goal for Pyramids against Al Ahly; he also scored the winning goal in the end. (Pyramids FC 2 – Al Ahly Al Masry 1). Hard luck to Al Ahly fans! 

On another note, Al-Sheikh exclusively said to TV host Amr Adib on the phone, during MBC Masr’s ‘El Hekaya’ Saturday episode; that he received a very tempting offer that might lead to selling Pyramids FC. According to him, the final decision will be made on January 8th.

A lot of drama going on in the Egyptian football world! Don’t you guys think? Well, anyway we’ll have to wait and see what goes down today! Who are you guys here for; Al Ahly or Pyramids? Let us know!