Quarantine Edition: Flirtationship Do's and Don'ts

If you’re reading this, chances are it’s too late. You’ve already went in headfirst and started online-flirting with someone new (or worse, texted an ex), but that’s understandable. After all, this quarantine has been kind of lengthy and most people are incapable of being alone.

But don’t worry, we’re not getting too deep here. We’re actually here to help you out. Since you’re in this flirtationship anyway, why not actually do it right this time?

Follow these do’s and don’ts and your flirtationship might last the test of time — and quarantine.

DO: Bond over pop-culture

Since you’re both now quarantined and have literally nothing else to do, why don’t you dive into the other person’s taste in music, movies and TV shows?

The more you do of that, the more must-watch recommendations you’ll have and the more you’ll know about the other person, too.

DON’T: Make the conversation dry

Okay, yes, we know, trying to keep the conversation banging 24/7 in a time where most of us lack the energy to even respond is tedious.

But, here’s a thought. When you talk to someone and you actually want to talk to them and you can feel their talking to you is a chore, you’ll just be getting hits left and right to your self-esteem. Don’t do the same to someone else.

DO: Eventually cross over to video-dates

Most people tend to favor face-to-face conversations over text. Whether because they’re bad texters or it just feels more genuine, that’s just where they’re most comfortable.

The problem here is that it will be a rather long time since you two can actually go outside and meet up, which means the spark might fade. Don’t let it and simply cross to video-chat dates. Take a page out of the Drone Video quasi-couple’s book!

DON’T: Lead them on for something that won’t happen

Loneliness is the worst feeling, but it’s especially bad during this ever-going quarantine. However, being lonely isn’t an excuse to string someone alone for a possible ‘something’ that might not happen.

Just be clear about your intentions and let them know. Who knows? Maybe they’d be up for whatever you want too.

DO: Plan an imaginary might-become-real date

Since you’re both home-bound for quite some time, it’s no question that real-life dates are off the table. You don’t have to settle for that, though. Why don’t you two plan your date together, imagine where you’d go and what you’d do?

If nothing else, you’re getting to see what that other person’s ideal date would be and you’d get more intel on their way of thinking. Also, you’d be killing time.

DON’T: Keep the mood too serious

In these trying times, everyone knows that avoiding news isn’t easy, especially if they’re negative. And in a sense, you shouldn’t be avoiding the seriousness of the world.

However, you shouldn’t keep the mood as cheerful as a funeral dirge. We’ve all got enough on our plates, so maybe we should try balancing the serious with the hilarious.

Follow these tips and try to see where this leads you!