Trying to find a parking spot on Cairo’s jammed streets can be a torturous nightmare. As if we didn’t have enough from the agonizing traffic, we still need to waste two more hours driving around in circles in a desperate attempt to park our cars. Honestly speaking, we sometimes secretly wish to set them on fire rather than park them.

Well, the dogs’ days are over folks. Another creative application came to save the day: Rakna app, a brand-new app designed to create a marketplace for people to find and exchange parking spots. Hallelujah!

Let’s see how it works.

By downloading this credit based mobile app, you will have an online platform to buy and exchange parking spots to reduce the time needed to park.

So wherever you’re heading, all you need to do is open the app, indicate where you’re going and the app will match you with someone who already parked his car over there and intends to leave the same time you arrive.

The credit will be transferred from your account to the other driver’s account, which will earn him extra points he can use whenever he wants to park, and so on.

With an extensive database of garages, valets and street valets around all major areas in Cairo, this app can make our life easy as a pie. It will save you time and money by regulating the supply of street valets on-boarded onto the platform.

Currently, their main focus is Cairo; they have collected over 500 different parking places around the capital’s major areas. They plan to expand bit by bit to other crowded cities in the Arab world.

Three cheers guys.