Makadi Heights

Clear your schedule for mid-December. Yes, we know what we’re saying, trust us. From the 12th to the 14th of December, you’ll want to head to Makadi Heights in the heart of Makadi Bay- Red Sea to enjoy a special, one-of-a-kind occasion—the third round of Egypt’s Desert Rally Championship 2019!

Makadi’s first Rally is an insanely huge deal

A fully-incorporated town by Orascom Development, Makadi Heights has always had everything it takes to host sporting events. With its promising location, guaranteed atmosphere, and all the means of entertainment, we don’t find that hard to believe.

Through Bosla Egypt’s organization, a cooperation with the Red Sea Governorate and the Egyptian Automobile and Touring Club, Makadi Heights is hosting the third and final round of Egypt’s Desert Rally Championship 2019! The event will also be sponsored by the Defense, Interior, Tourism, and Environment Ministries.

Racer registration will begin on the 12th of December with an estimated total of about 30 teams of rally cars equipped for racing, SUVs, and off-road.

The participating cars will be showcased on the 13th of December, the day the event will begin, starting with the 4×4 challenge in addition to lots of other entertaining acts and different food-trucks. On the 14th, the 300 KM off-road rally for equipped rally cars will take place with the result being announced at a grand ceremony to be held in Makadi Heights Mall.

“Makadi Heights 2019 Rally is the first sports event to be held in the town, which has all the perks of a fully integrated town—good weather all year round, different prime amenities, 78 meter elevation above sea-level to ensure an outstanding panoramic view, and proximity to Hurghada’s downtown and airport,” Makadi Heights CEO Fady Alphonse said. “Bosla’s organization of this event comes in line with the governorate’s strategy to promote Hurghada as the place to be for international sports.” 

We hear Makadi Heights is always in season, so we’re already dying to check out the race!