Over the years, Sequoia has been known for being one of the most notably popular restaurants in Cairo, bringing you the best of Mediterranean and Oriental cuisine. Every year during the holy month of Ramadan, we turn up our gears and take the whole Sequoia experience to the next level.

Picture one

Ramadan brings a unique aura that we only witness for one month throughout the whole year. We break free from our daily cycles, take a step back, and observe the beauty in our nature. This year, we are adding a different taste to the Sequoia experience; we are highlighting the essence of the natural surroundings.

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Our collaboration with Encode Design Studio this year is going to bring about a magnificent, novel ambience to Sequoia by introducing the exotic nature. Sequoia is introducing a theme of mirrors this Ramadan, and the idea of using scattered mirrors is to blend the space with the surrounding. The mirrors at the entrance, especially, will blend the space with the Nile view background along with the lights and shadows of movements and this will create a dynamic atmosphere, allowing the space to seem even larger and with enhanced vibrance. The sensations you will be getting from this year’s Ramadan experience at Sequoia will be one of a kind.

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The ‘Exotic Nature’ concept is simply going back to the ‘Nature’ we are missing. Plants, animals, crystals, lights and materials are introduced in a unique theme that stimulates the eye to reveal the recursive rules in the exotic surroundings. “Reflection” is the corner stone of this natural collection which manipulate the organization of every element in the space, from the entrance to the pendant lightings, and from the wall to the printed fabrics in a homogenous blend of materials and colors.

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