We honestly don’t understand what it is about Ramadan that sends off the signal that we should binge eat our way to the the other end of the month. Desserts play a huge part, and by huge we mean, well basically a protagonist, in this tale of endless eating. Seeing as how we’ll be fasting for a whooping 16 hours and 30 minutes this year, we’ll definitely need to replenish our energy levels and well, this year, we can totally do that with the out of the box, over the top creations that may or may not pose the risk of putting us all in a diabetic comma.

We believes that the good old cheesecake in and of itself is a nuclear bomb in the form of a dessert, imagine our complete disbelief when we discovered that this year, we’ll have the absolute delight (and misfortune, health-wise) of trying out a Blueberry Konafa Cheesecake, thanks to Crumbs.


Why have Konafa and Basbousa separably when you can layer them, add a Pistachio cake in the middle and top them with Pistachio-covered cream? Yes, La Poire has attempted what should rationally be thought of as unthinkable and deadly; a 4-layer Konafa Basbousa Pistachio Cake, aka: death by sugar.

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We really appreciate food with the whole eye candy allure- yes, looks do matter a whole lot when it comes to what I choose to munch on. That’s why I found Coppermelt’s Konafa Mosque Dome Tarts to be quite intriguingThe Red Velvet Dome and the Banana-Nutella Dome sound like totally delicious, yet absolutely life-threatening treats; we like our food to put our lives on the edge. With a Konafa exterior and a lush interior of either a red velvet cake or cream topped with banana pieces and Nutella.

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So one of the things that can easily give you a tremendous amount of energy is peanut butter, and well, why not add konafa and Nutella to it and make a huge party out the basic spread? Yeah, that sounds pretty mouth-watering, but not as munch-inducing as Date Pops, aka Ramadan-ized cake pops. Those look like addictive bite-sized pieces of heaven cooked by angels, or rather by The Batter Half & Co.


Last year’s Pralines n’ Cream Konafa (or rather massive, cream-filled cake-konafa hybrid) from Pavlova, is making a comeback this year and we find that quite exciting, because Pralines can make everything better, right?


To sum up, may the odds of will power be ever in our favour, even though I highly doubt we can all restrain ourselves from devouring every single one of those sinful sugar bombs!