Written by: Lamis Medhat


There are plenty of signs that indicate and lead us to Allah’s mercy towards us, his worshippers. Those signs are like gifts to us, and His mercy lies in giving us the gift to be near Him and gain His satisfaction.

One of God’s most important gifts is the holy month of “Ramadan”. It’s a huge gift that includes a lot of other smaller gifts such as fasting, praying and vigils, handouts, Zakat and reading the holy Quran .

During Ramadan, the gates of heaven are open. As many of us already know, there is a gate in paradise for fasters called “Al-Rayan”. “Whoever fasts Ramadan out of faith and hope of reward, his past sins will be forgiven“.

Ramadan is like a soul charger that enables us to face life with all its difficulties. Some people think that fasting is all about abstaining from eating and drinking, praying and reading Quran to earn paradise. That sounds good but the fact is, we have to do all these deeds in order to satisfy God and to get to know Him. When you break your fast, you have to feel His mercy in giving you the chance to worship Him in such a way. He wants to tell you that my gift for you is to erase all your sins. When you pray, you feel as if God wants to tell you to forget about everything else but hear my words to be on the right track. I want you to be a righteous person.

Allah’s gifts do not stop at this point, but He also gave us “Laylat Al- Qadr” as if He wants to tell us if you have shortened at the beginning or the middle of the month, you still have a chance to get my prize if you worked hard on this night. What mercy, what love!

After Ramadan the feast, “Eid al-fitr”, is another gift from Allah to teach us that if you worship me in the right way and work hard for it, you will have all what you bargained for and more.

Ramadan is Allah’s Heaven on Earth; it’s a cleanser for the heart and soul. Thank GOD for all your blessings.

“Al Hamdollellah”.