Whoever alleged that Ramadan and summer do not mix? They most definitely do.

Summer is all about chilling out, what better way to do that than enjoy a relaxing weekend in Ramadan? While everyone else is sleeping through their weekend to beat the fatigue, hunger and dehydration, there you are, making the most of yours by engaging in beach-side pleasurable activities.

Going to the beach:


The beautiful colour of the sea shall immediately take you to the ultimate relaxation mode. One can never get enough of vitamin ‘sea’.

Listening to music:


Nothing beats listening to music while enjoying a beautiful view. Good music will lift you spirit and touch your heart.





Take sometime out to read a good book; it would definitely help pass those long hot hours till sunset more quickly.

Sun bathing:



Tanning while listening to your favoutite play list is definitely what summer is all about. Beware of dehydration though.



If you are feeling dehydrated, you should definitely go for a dip. A quick swim will cool off your body and help you feel relaxed. Beware of accidentally drinking some water.

Playing sports:



Participating in beach sports such as volley and racket before iftar would be great fun. Take it easy though and avoid rigorous exercise to eliminate the risk of further dehydration.



Not just that, imagine having your delicious iftar meal by the beach while watching a spectacular view of the sunset or having your sohour then witness the glorious sunrise.

Nothing beats Ramadan getaway weekends and relaxing with friends or family members in a serene vacation spot. Taking some time off from the stressful crowded city with all its hustle and bustle is a real bliss.