With Ramadan just around the corner, all sorts of precious childhood memories come flashing back; how and why we used to await this holy festive month for so many reasons.



Below are some of the most significant differences between Ramadan back in the 90’s and today:

  • Family Gatherings:

The best part about Ramadan was and still is family gatherings where we sit around the iftar table, pass along the plates and drinks, then rush right after iftar to eat Konafa and Katayef.

Aside from the first day of course, we now almost only gather for a couple of times during the whole month. Instead, we prefer to eat out for iftar in some fancy restaurant with friends and sometimes family members.


  • Lanterns (Fawanees):

Colourful beautifully designed lanterns were all we needed for decorations, but what happened to our traditional ones??

Lanterns, now, come in “Sponge Bob” and “El-Mofatesh Korombo” designs!!


  • TV Channels:

Long before having satellites and tons of channels, we only had like 3 channels to watch and for some odd reason they seemed enough.

Now, we have hundreds of channels which make it really confusing to choose from. Members of the same family lounge in different rooms around the house to follow different programs!!

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  • TV Programs:

During the good old days, we only had 2 drama series to watch; the whole family used to gather around the TV while eating Konafa.

Now, there are umpteen shows being aired at the same time!! How are we even expected to keep up??


  • Fawazeer:

Believe it or not, but back then the “fawazeer” were more than just solving riddles to win kitchen appliances in some sort of an advertisement. They were musical extravaganzas featuring some of the most beautiful actresses.


  • Hangouts:

The hangouts were limited to taraweeh prayers and watching “El-Dawra El-Ramadaneya” at the club.

Now, cafes are always packed up.




  • Advertising Campaigns:

Nowadays, people anticipate advertising campaigns more than we used to wait for Bakkar and Boogy w Tamtam!!

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Image processed by CodeCarvings Piczard ### FREE Community Edition ### on 2015-05-23 06:47:01Z


Despite all those remarkable differences, Ramadan will never lose its essence and joy.

Wishing you many more returns and happy memories …. Ramadan Kareem.