Usually, by this time of year, we’d be counting the days for Ramadan to start and for all the drama marathon to commence. This year, many of us thought this ritual has come to an end due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic.

However, for the past few days, we’ve been seeing the teasers and trailers of most of the once anticipated Ramadan series and it looks like no pandemic is stopping the fun. So, let’s check those out together!

Laebt El Nesyan

Just yesterday, April 6, Dina El Sherbiny posted the trailer for her Ramadan 2020 series. And judging by the look of it, it will be another thriller just like her latest “Zay El Shams”. And honestly, this is one we won’t miss!

Soltanet El Moezz

The first speculations on this show were basically that it’s historical. But when Ghada Abdel Razik dropped the promo for her new series, we knew we were all wrong. It’s more of a modern-day intense drama. Abdel Razik’s cup of tea, of course.

El Prince

This trailer is one of the earliest to be released and is also the most gossiped about. For one, yes because gossip follows Mohamed Ramadan wherever he goes but also for people thinking the series depicts the life of Nasser El Prince; the famed owner of a street-food restaurant!

El Ekhtyar

Amir Karara’s series seems like a great one too, so far at least. El Ekhtyar is based on the true story about a military officer who lost his life for being loyal. We can’t wait to see how Karara will deliver!

Sokar Zeyada

The biggest duo of the year is here, everybody. Don’t hold your breath any longer; the trailer for the acting dynamos Nadia El Gendy and Nabila Ebeid is out and we are not disappointed. Will they pull off this Golden Girls extravaganza? We’ll see!

Tell us which one(s) you’re planning on watching this Ramadan!