Ramadan Series

You can’t deny it, a lot of us had so much fun last Ramadan with the large number of TV series that came our way and made us forget about the quarantined-life we’re currently living, even if for some time. Although we’re kind of sad they ended, at least we can happily – and impatiently – look forward to the second seasons they’re coming back with next year!

1- B 100 Wesh

Our favorite gang of thieves is coming back and we honestly can’t thank the amazing director Kamla Abo Zekry enough for listening to the fans who kept asking for the series to be renewed for a second season ever since the very first episode started airing! We certainly can’t wait to see what happens to Omar, Sugar, and the rest of the band next Ramadan!

2- El-Ekhteyar

This series was one of the few reasons entire families gather around the TV screen every night to watch the historical and heroic acts of Egypt’s dear martyrs who are gone but definitely not forgotten.

El-Ekhteyar” was perfectly executed, thanks to director Peter Mimi and everyone who worked on such a huge production. Although unclear what exactly the plot will revolve around, the fact that the story continues next year is keeping us on our toes!

3- El-Nehaya

Youssef El-Sherif is basically the king of open endings and complex scenarios. And throughout all of the Ramadan season, “El-Nehaya” was the talk of the town mainly because of the countless shocking surprises the show kept throwing at us.

However, the open ending sparked millions of questions and although the second season wasn’t announced by the producers; still, the audience is demanding El-Sherif to confirm it. And a lot of them feel like it only makes sense for such a series to have a second part especially since it felt like the story isn’t finished yet!

Well, we honestly hope they’re right…

The last one we have for now can’t be officially listed at the moment because it was only hinted at by the actors and producers but never really confirmed or given a release date. Dina El-Sherbiny‘s “Zay El-Shams” (2019) was supposed to come back for a second season but no details were ever provided about the actual possibility! All we’ll have to do now is wait and see…

Tell us, which of those are you most excited to see next Ramadan and which series were you hoping to come back with a second season? Let us know!