Egyptian actor Rania Youssef attends the closing ceremony of the 40th edition of the Cairo International Film Festival at the Opera House in Cairo, Egypt November 29, 2018. Picture taken November 29, 2018. REUTERS/Mohamed Soliman

News has been spreading about an explicit video on YouTube and social media platforms allegedly starring Rania Youssef. However, the star didn’t actually have anything to do with the video; it just showed someone that somewhat looked like her.

But whoever uploaded this video to the internet falsely claimed that it’s Rania’s and spread it on several platforms under false pretense.

Rania’s Response

Finally, the star went out of her silence and set the record straight in an official statement she shared on her Instagram account.

In her post, Rania’s media representatives announced that any websites, newspapers or social media pages that offend the star directly or indirectly through spreading any news or pictures of a defamatory nature about her will not be taken lightly and will be sued.

Not only that, Rania also lodged an official complaint to the general prosecution office against the anonymous person who posted the video online and claimed it was hers.

In the complaint, Rania’s lawyer Mr. Shaaban Saeid stated that Rania has been the victim of an organized conspiracy to ruin her reputation and image in the public eye.

He also demanded that whoever is responsible for spreading these videos be caught as soon as possible so he\she can face the official accusations of defamation and libel.

Support for Rania

Thankfully some people started showing their support for Rania, including her ex-husband businessman Tarek Azab who shared the news of Rania’s official complaint in an Instagram post.

He showed his support to his ex-wife by praising her as a human and an artist and shaming anyone who had a hand in spreading false and libel rumors about her.

Rania Moves On

In a more uplifting note, Rania recently shared on her Instagram account the promo of her new TV show, More About Rania, which will be airing soon.

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More About Rania – SOON #moreaboutrania

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In the video, you can see Rania in a different light since the show will be focusing on her personal life more than her professional one.

It is worth mentioning that Rania also has two movies coming up in 2019, ‘Demagh Sheitan’ and ‘Khaly Balak Mn Elly Gai’.

Rania Youssef has had a hectic couple of months, from the whole Cairo International Film Festival dress buzz to this. Several people have been gunning for her and criticizing her every move, but it’s nice to see that despite all the drama, she is resuming her professional journey and standing her ground still. We hope all of this blows over soon so she can go back to focusing on only her work.