This is a question that many people ask regardless of their gender. Men do think that women are drama queens AKA ‘nekadeyeen‘, while women tend to think that men are drama kings. But who is the real nekady one?

But in order to find an answer to such complicated question, we need to look at both sides and then decide.

From Women’s Perspective:

#1: Men Drive Us Crazy and Then They Blame it On Us

It is very logical that if you are driving your girl crazy that she’ll end up feeling sad, so don’t play the victim here. I mean, if you are always late to your dates, start joking around whenever she is serious or even forget your holy anniversary, then she’ll get super angry at you and don’t you ever think of blaming her. This one is on you, my friend!

#2: Men Don’t Help With the House Chores, Hence We’re Mostly Tired

There is a huge difference between being a drama queen and not wanting to go out and between being tired and drained. If you don’t help her with the house chores or the responsibilities, then don’t expect her to be 100% active. Because guess what? She is not a robot. So if you just help a bit, you both will have enough time and energy to have fun and do your thing!

#3: Men Are Babies Sometimes

So even though men are mostly super practical, they sometimes act like babies. They’d start a fight and act as if it is the end of the world because his girl just went out without ‘informing’ him. Or even worse, when she doesn’t return his calls, but remember when she called you like 10 times and you didn’t even call back?

From Men’s Perspective:

#1: Women Take Things So Seriously, Life is Much Simpler Than This

Men don’t really get it when women start fussing about a simple thing like picking her up late, forgetting her favorite dish, or maybe something as simple as checking this pretty girl out. They just feel like these are stupid simple things that shouldn’t disrupt the peace of the relationship.

#2: Women are Needy

With all due respect, many women around the globe are a bit needy sometimes. So it is pretty normal if your man was unable to keep up with your extremely high expectations. So don’t start acting all crazy just because he didn’t call you every 5 minutes to check up on you. Or because he forgot to tell you ‘I love you’ for the 10th time this day.

#3: Sometimes Life is Too Stressful that They Can’t Handle it

The number of responsibilities they have towards their homes, themselves, and their family is just too much to handle. When it is this hectic, they start acting in a crazy way and pick on anything just to start a fight. No justification for this, and yes they know that they are super dramatic, but it is too late to back down.

Moral of the story, neither is born as drama queens/kings by nature. However, if we both compromise and try to understand our partner’s part of the story, life might be more peaceful and nakad-free.