How many times have you sat at home, contemplated your life and told yourself  “You know what? This is it. I am going to do better. Be better. I will achieve all my dreams.” Even worse, how many times have you watched a TV series, saw an Instagram post, and based all your goals and dreams on it? Do you even realize how ridiculous that is? To base your dreams and goals on what can only be described as an illusion? So how about you ditch your uncalled for goals? You don’t need the perfect body, and you definitely don’t need the perfect relationship either. All you need is some real goals! Goals that will make your life instantly better! So dream on, because everything you have ever dreamed of could change in a heart beat.

1. Instead of getting ripped for Marassi, how about you make it a point to travel abroad this summer!

Don’t you dare tell me that I’m delusional or that you don’t have the money. Let’s admit it, we all don’t, but there is no such thing as an impossible dream. Work a summer job. Cut down on the unnecessary expenses, and just remember that even if you don’t make it this summer. There is always next year or the year after as long as you start somewhere, so start now!

2. Instead of aiming for the perfect relationship, how about you learn how to make it on your own.

Don’t get me wrong. I got no bad blood with relationships. It’s good to have someone by your side, but the truth is, it’s better to have yourself. So make it a point to invest in yourself this summer. Go on an unplanned trip somewhere. Enjoy your own company. Become your biggest supporter, because you can and you should.

3. Enjoy your time with your friends, but make sure you make new ones too

Too often we aim all our goals around our friends and the people we already know, but if we could just stop for a second and make room for new people in our lives, maybe we will open the doors for new possibilities, new adventures and maybe even new goals that beat the heck out of our old outdated ones.

4. Instead of losing the 10 kilos you’ve been wanting to get rid of, make some healthy life changes.

You don’t need to drop off a certain number on the scale. Forget about the scale. Throw it in the nearest garbage. And relax, change your diet. Don’t starve yourself. Make one good change this summer even if it’s as small as cutting down a can of soda a day. Anything you do is progress. So embrace your body. Be healthy, but most importantly do it only for yourself!

5. Put failure at the top of your goals this summer.

We often underestimate the importance of failure in our lives, when the truth is you can’t really go anywhere in life without failing. Believe it or not, failing puts you on the right track. So fail. Fail as much as you can, and when you are done failing, fail some more. It’s the only way you will get anywhere in life.

So what do you think, are your ready to ditch your summer goals yet?