Winter is the season of blankets, warm drinks, early bed times, lazy mornings and struggling with the alarm clock. It’s the best season for spending relaxed weekends and doing whatever you please without stress or sweating. I guess the cold weather helps us to stay calmer and feel the romance in the air. Here are a number of reasons why Egyptians love winter:

1. Less stress

winter ayah

Shops close earlier than usual so we get the feeling that Cairo streets are bit quieter and less crowded for a change.

2. Rain


 Egyptians are not used to rain; you can’t imagine how excited and happy people, especially kids, get when it rains even though our country is not at all equipped for it. Rain usually gets you stuck in torturous traffic for hours but what better excuse could you possibly have to arrive late to work?

3. Fashion Maniacs


What could be more stylish than winter clothes ?

Every fashion lover will find winter the best time to show off all the expensive and hardly used clothes.


4. Food


Winter gives us a lot of cravings all day long. Of course, the idea of having a warm snack like soup, hot chocolate or unjustified quantities of dessert is always very appealing. It’s totally fine to gain weight as it doesn’t actually show underneath the many layers of clothes. Needless to say, we appreciate being relieved from the constant pressure to get a “bikini body”.


5. Relationships


Whoever said winter is the season of heartbreak? In fact, winter is a very romantic season so take advantage of it. There are plenty of fun dates you can enjoy during the months of December through February (take a walk, smell the cold breeze and enjoy nature; dine out and order warm foods that are typically associated with the winter season).


6. No insects or mosquitos in winter

no insects

I freakout when I see a cockroach running across the bathroom floor in the middle of the night. In winter, it’s unlikely to spot a cockroach or have a single mosquito disturb your cozy warm sleep.


7. Boots


Every woman on this planet owns like hundreds of boots bought for thousands of pounds and they only have three months to show them off!! BOOTS ARE A GIRL’S BEST FRIEND.