In a world where we’re constantly surrounded by temptation, Egypt has shown that it’s a country where being healthy is an impossible feat. There’s no incentive to be health conscious or fit, solely because the environment discourages you to do so and here’s why:

1. Delivery! 

When fast food is delivered to your doorstep, you have no choice but to order it constantly. The convenience of delivery food is coming at the cost of your kersh!tumblr_loenj6ptnv1qlfu1ho1_500

2. Lack of proper sidewalks

You could have probably cut those calories easily if there was an appropriate place to walk or jog on the streets of Egypt, but the roads are dangerous enough. If it’s not the broken roads, it’s the irresponsible driving.top_20_scarlett_johansson_hot_gifs_falling

3. Expensive membership costs

If you decide to join a gym, you probably have to spend a lot of cash just to keep your fitness up. Choosing to be healthy comes at a cost and is just making your wallet slimmer instead of yourself.hqdefault

4. Not enough healthy restaurants and stores

This is just a fact. There aren’t enough stores and restaurants that sell healthy alternatives. And if by some miracle they do, they’re quite expensive.adam-levigne-eating

5. Super markets are very inconsistent

When you want to get something healthy, like your favorite kind of oatmeal or that almond milk you like, it might be available one day and the next day not. So you’re forced to revert to other choices that maybe unhealthy.tumblr_o6xa2phTVc1uagw65o1_1280

6. Egyptian Food is fatty 

Most of the foods you grew up eating are largely drenched in fats; they’re not exactly the healthiest thing out there. The non fatty options require you to couple them with so much baladi bread; you really have no choice.giphy4