When we were still young and foolish, we formed friendships, bought promise rings and wore our friendship bracelets with pride. At that time, we would have sworn that we have already found the best friends in the world, and that nothing in this world was going to change it. As we were growing up, we started to realize that things will eventually get in the way. That we would find and choose to take different paths in life. Now, after we’ve gone on our separate ways, we’re not ashamed to admit that the friendships that we once swore would last for a lifetime, are not necessarily going to, and that it’s OK for them not to. In fact, we are happy that they have come to an end.
Below are 6 reasons I started losing interest my lifetime friends and find no shame in it:

1. I simply grew up

Out of all the reasons I am going to mention, this is the most cliche one, but at the same time it’s the realest of them all. I GREW UP. I no longer seek friends who can hang out with me everyday, eat junk food and gossip. I want friends who will encourage me to pursue my goals, and who would have their own share of goals for me to encourage them for!

2. I don’t like the same things I once did

Back in the day, I would want to hang out everyday and gossip, and while my so called “lifetime” friends are still there, I am simply not. I don’t need friends who think that gossiping is the only way to spend a night out. Instead, I want to engage in smart conversations. I want to talk astronomy. I want to discuss religions, life. I have grown, and the things that once amused me have changed along with me.

3. My friends have failed me a thousand times

In the name of being honest, let’s acknowledge the fact that the white page I once had with my friends when we first embarked on our friendship is now tarnished with grey and black stains. My friends have failed me time and time again. Real life happened and I realized that what I once thought was so sacred, so real turned out to be nothing but complete and utter BS.

4. I stopped lying to myself 

And this when I realized that I needn’t sugarcoat things anymore. One can’t simply hang on to things just because they once felt surreal. What’s past is in the past and while there were some really good memories there, they aren’t there anymore. It was time to stop lying to my own self and to start doing what’s in my best interest.

5. I realized that they will never understand what I now know

Friendships are built on understanding, and at this point I am afraid there is no ground for understanding between me and any of my lifetime friends. I’ve seen things and known things that they will never see or know, and as much as I’d like to sit there and talk to them about it, deep down I know that they will never understand. Some things you have to go through to understand, and since they never will, I don’t feel the need to be in a friendship with someone who doesn’t know or understand the real me.

6. I learned to love myself 

And finally, after all that I have been through; all the pain, the successes and the miles that I have walked alone, after all the things I have done, the things that made me proud of myself, I realized that I was too precious and too good to keep myself in the ghost of my life’s past. I realized that, in this moment, at this time, I love myself more than anyone or anything that doesn’t bring me peace of mind.


I am sorry old friend, but I am not ashamed.