The term “Open Relationship” is often used to describe a relationship where the two partners involved are not really exclusive. It’s a relationship where each partner gets to go out with or date whoever they want with no restrictions or strings attached. And while the idea seems like “fun” in Hollywood movies, let’s just state the very obvious, open relationships will never and can never work in Egypt for the following reasons:

1. The “Si El-Sayed” Syndrome 

Guys in Egypt are not capable of letting you go to the movies with your friends, let alone date other guys. They are simply not that chill. In fact they think that when they are in a relationship with a girl, it automatically means that they own her.

2. Our culture will not allow it

We were born in a country where if you caught feelings for someone, or were slightly attracted to them, you are obliged to marry them, so good luck telling your parents that you are not only going out with one guy or girl, but TWO!

3. Egyptians don’t even know how to “date”

Here in Egypt, if you meet someone that you “like”, you skip the “like” part and automatically assume that you “love” them and get in a relationship right away. We don’t know how to like someone, date them for a while and see if we match. So good luck being in an “open” relationship because, last time I checked, an “open” relationship requires you to be “dating” more than one person.

4. Most Egyptians don’t make out with their partners, so what the heck do you need another partner for anyway?

Unless you belong to that small percentage of Egyptians who make out with their partners or engage in sexual activity, then an open relationship in your case is POINTLESS. People don’t stay in “open” relationships because they want to talk to or hang out with other people, but because they want to do things with them.

5. Egyptians are mostly “Jealous” by nature

Honestly, this might be a generalization on my part, but can you really blame me? I’m surrounded by people who are overtly jealous over their partners for no sane reason. I mean even our movies revolve around jealousy between partners! So to tell me that you will be able to get past that in the name of seeking an “open” relationship and expect me to believe it is just absurd.

6. Our religion will always hinder the process

I know what you’re thinking, God allowed you four wives, but did he allow your girlfriend four husbands too? I didn’t think so either. So get over yourself. “Open” relationships go both ways. You cannot be in it, unless the other partner is in “it” too!

So what do you think, can open relationships really be a “thing” in Egypt?


  • Mohammed Gabr

    most of the points are so judgmental

  • Mohamed Mounir

    In my opinion there’s no open relationship, if you want date others or having sex with other person so let’s be friends or friends with benefits but relationship is me and you only we are in relationships because we love not for fun, if you only need fun have friends not boy/girlfriend. It’s just an opinion.

  • Marwan Noureldin

    هو سؤال كدة بس .. احنا عادي كدة نتكلم في الماضيع دي
    لا الدين المسيحي و لاالدين الاسلامي بيقبل كدة
    ربنا يهدي