Sahel season is practically over, but that doesn’t mean a Sahel weekend won’t work anymore. In fact, this is the best time to take yourself and your significant other for a romantic getaway. Why, you ask? We have a list of very valid reasons.

  1. The weather is amazing!

Sahel is a summer destination for a reason; rumor has it that the weather in the North Coast is only favorable during the summer days. But we beg to differ. Unless your goal is to get sunburnt, we believe the perfect Sahel weather is from October to November.

  1. It’s relatively empty

While crowded places have their own charm, a romantic getaway calls for exclusivity.

  1. Al Alamein Hotel has the perfect romantic weekend getaway planned for you

Planning a vacation offseason can be hectic, but now you have nothing to worry about since Al Alamein Hotel has your weekend already planned for you.

Al Alamein hotel is offering a fantastic package for romantic weekends with its vintage-themed decorations, giving you the chance to spend your romantic weekend in the 1960s among black and white portraits of your favorite celebrated actors and singers from the Egyptian artistic legacy.

Al Alamein Hotel offers you early check-ins and late checkouts, as well as a complimentary upgrade to a beach front room. Yes, that’s right. Going back to the ‘relatively empty’ point, you will actually get to see the sea from your hotel room window.

Is this good enough? We just got started!

The romance continues with an exclusive breakfast buffet for two, as well as a romantic candlelit dinner at their top-notch restaurant, Origins. Additionally, you can get a couples massage for 30 minutes, each, at the hotel’s exclusive spa.

The cherry on top, you get a customized cake prepared just for you by the hotel’s chefs on the second day of arrival! Meaning, you have the whole first day to ask the chefs for your favorite cake flavor!

  1. More importantly, you will get bonus points for being romantic without Valentine’s day being around the corner.

Back to being serious, where better to spend some quality time than the crystal-clear waters and sandy beaches of Al Alamein Hotel? Book now by contacting them on 0464680140 or visit their website offers section.