The single life can sometimes take its toll on you. All of a sudden, you find yourself alone and in desperate need of a relationship. You tell yourself that there must be a valid reason all these movies talk about love and romance. That life is not about being alone. Yet, just as soon as you feel like you are being dragged into a relationship, just as you are about to catch feelings for someone, you back out. The commitment is just too much for you, but it still feels surreal. It’s an endless battle, and there’s no escaping it. And while we can’t do much about it, we can sure suggest the reasons you are terrified of commitment, yet still searching for love.

 1. You can’t stand the thought of being vulnerable

It’s common knowledge that when you love someone, you sort of give them your all. You share with them everything and you let them tap in to your emotions by giving them full power and control over your thoughts and feelings. This could make you quite vulnerable, and some people just can’t stand it because they hate to think that someone could control their lives so much.

2. “The grass is always greener” theory

You never want to settle down and you feel like no matter who you are with now or who you found, the grass will always be greener on the other side. There is always someone better waiting for you out there. If you’re dating an engineer, you want a physician. If he’s overtly nice, you want him to get a little bit jealous. And once you find the perfect guy, you don’t want to settle because the single life is just so much fun and you can’t start missing out on it now.

3. You don’t want to grow up

To you, committing means that you have to grow up which is basically one of our biggest fears. No one wants to become an adult with long term careers and families to support. Committing just feels like it’s the first step to a lifetime full of responsibilities that we are not fully ready to take over yet. We run like hell from any relationships in hopes that we could put off growing up just a little bit longer.

4. The Egyptian culture puts too much strain on those who are in a relationship, so you avoid it like it’s the plague

The moment Egyptians find out that you’re in a relationship, they start bombarding you with existential questions that you’re not even sure of. The ‘when are you getting married’, and the ’emta hanefra7 beeko’ questions will just kill you. Deep inside you know that if you get yourself in a relationship, you are signing up for more than just that. You know that you will be putting yourself in a position where you have to measure up to societal expectations, so you discard the idea and move on with your day.

5. Your daddy issues keep haunting you

Whenever you begin to think that you are ready to get into a relationship and start a new phase of your life, you start to think about how much of a bad example your parents have set for you. How love eventually fades away in the end. It makes you rethink the whole situation and decide that you’re better off without all the pain that you know very well love will eventually cause you.

6. Even after all that, deep inside you, you still don’t want to end up alone

You realize your problems and acknowledge them. You know that your commitment issues are as real as they can ever be, but you still don’t want to be alone. You are so sick of holding the weight of the world on your shoulders and you wish there was someone next to you who can take some of the weight off of you. You long for that kind of love that everyone around you seems to have, and you secretly hope that one day you will be brave enough to go out there and chase it!

Finally, it’s important to admit that commitment is scary, and not only to you, but for literally everyone. All you gotta do is take it step by step.  You will eventually open up and get there.