There are many things that take up a lot of our space and time in Egypt, yet shockingly enough, stand up comedy is not one of them. In a country where sarcasm seems to be our only solution or escape from every predicament or challenge we face in our lives, it is only fair that stand up comedy takes up the attention it deserves, so stick with us because we are about to provide you with 7 reasons stand up comedy should be a thing in Egypt!

1. We are living in a depressing world 

I hate to be stating the obvious, but honestly we are living in a world where countries are waging war against each other for the most ridiculous reasons. People are getting more short tempered by the minute. All around us, we are faced with people fighting and honking at each other. We are troubled by clinical depression in a way that we have never seen before. So it is only fair that we find shelter in comedy to reflect about ourselves, our society and the world we are living in.

2.There are different forms of comedy to suit each and every person’s personal taste 

Whether it’s black humor, dark humor, satire, alternative or improvisational comedy, you name it, they got it!

3. Egypt ranks 104 in the happiness ranking index out of 155 countries in the world, a rank after Palestine

Tell me it’s not a good enough reason to encourage more laughter. In a country where the economy is going down more than anytime we’ve ever seen before, can you really look me in the eye and tell me that we haven’t earned a few good laughs?

4. You literally gotta laugh when you are the joke

There are many subjects in Egypt which could be quite controversial. However, if we learn to discuss these issues in a satirical manner, we soon would be able to normalize these subjects and remove the taboos off of them! Every topic under the sun can be brought to light, debated and laughed about.

5. Also, it is something to be taken up as a profession

Seriously, who wouldn’t like waking up at their office, which is also their room, at 2 pm?! And the only qualifications you need for this profession is for you to be humorous, so rejoice!

6. As Milton Berle rightly said, “Laughter is the instant vacation”

And Berle was darn right! Stand up comedy is the business of happiness, and stand up comedians offer the best service! Isn’t it enough that they create a positive atmosphere filled with positive energy?

7. Comedy has the ability to convince the masses

Ever noticed how advertisements make it a point to employ humor in them? It’s because when comedy is involved, it has the ability to convey even the most hardcore message in the most subtle manner possible!

So what are you waiting for? Head down to the first stand up comedy show and indulge in a few laughs! And if you’re wondering where to start, then how about attending one of 3elbت alwaن‘s upcoming shows? The first one is on the 6th of April, so book your tickets!