We are constantly being pressured to adhere to society’s beauty constraints and we tend to go to extreme lengths to comply. Whether the fashion is curly or straight hair, women will relentlessly search for ways to fit the trend! What are some of the benefits of just doing your own thing though?

1- Heat Damage

Whether it’s curling or straightening, forcing your hair to ‘act against its nature’ is never a good idea. Flat irons, hair dryers and countless other equipment that we use on our hair on a day to day basis basically tortures it! Wearing your hair naturally means you get to avoid all this! Your hair will thank you for it too.

2- Saves Time

There is nothing in the world more convenient then waking up and not having to do a thing to your hair and still look fab! If you’re not constantly worried about how straight the strands are or how loose the curls are supposed to be, you’ll be saving a lot of time in the morning!


3- You Don’t Have to Worry

We’ve all been those party poopers who don’t want to get their hair wet at the pool or won’t have that water fight with you because we’ve just gotten our hair done. Nothing you can do to natural hair can screw it up; it just goes back to how it was.


4- Save Effort

Nothing in the world is more of a workout than straightening your hair for yourself. How do you reach the back? Your arms get tired; your hair gets messed up. It’s a mess, one that you don’t have to worry about with natural hair.


5- Gives You Options

If you blow out your hair too much or if you avoid some of these problems by perming it, your hair tends to lose some of its natural beauty. Curls tend to get softened and look more like awkward half-assed bends. People tend to continue straightening their hair when that happens because they don’t like how it looks, but that just makes it worse! Keeping your hair natural means you can straighten it every once in a while and still have the option of your natural texture.