When we say “best friend”, we automatically think of a person we hang out with all the time and have fun with. We never think of the person who knows our darkest secrets – our hair dresser. Every girl has a special bond with her hairdresser. There isn’t a girl who’s complete without this special bond.


He knows who we really are

Before the hair dye is on, hair extensions stitched, eyebrows plucked, and lady-mustache waxed, there was a girl who had an afro with messed up hair color and weird looking eyebrows, and a Hitler mustache. Our hairdresser doesn’t judge us, and they usually compliment us too!

They Don’t laugh at our Looks

It’s scientifically proven that girls look their ugliest when they’re at the hairdresser. Whether it’s from hot-rollers on our head, or a weird Annie hairdo before we style it, or even the awkward red mustache we get. They never once laughed at us or made us feel weird.


They make us feel better about ourselves

We go to hairdressers to feel better about our looks and get an instant ego booster.


They’re better than therapy

The first thing most girls do right after a breakup is to cut their hair. Now, of course, how could we do that without crying and telling our hairdresser how much of a douche our ex is?

They know what’s good for you

When you, all of a sudden, decide to go shave all your hair, your hairdresser is the one standing in your way. When you decide to have an awkward bang covering your eyes, he makes you rethink your decision. They know what’s best for you and ain’t afraid to tell you.


They don’t charge you more when they’re your BFFs

It’s only natural that hairdressers higher their rates, but it feels pretty awesome when they still charge you with your old rates.

They take care of your friends

When you take your friends with you, they take care of them so much that they might even end up looking better than you. This should be a good thing, but only if you’re not a hateful person.


We’ve been through the good, the bad, and the ugly –literally – with our hairdressers. Remember to thank them more and tip them more; they’re all you have. So thank you Youssery for making my hair look fabulous. #KolenaCoiffurna