Recasting Ramadan: What If Actors Were Switched?

As the end of Ramadan approaches, we’ve all gotten pretty engrossed in our TV shows and the characters. It’s been a long process, though, because as per usual, it takes us some time to know and like all these characters.

But you know what? Sometimes we get this thought: what if these characters were played by other people? Would we like them more then or would we just cringe and call it a day?

If this has you wondering, you’re in the right place. We decided to recast a good number of characters from this Ramadan in one giant switch — take a look!

Nelly Karim for Le3bet El-Nesyan (Instead of Dina El-Sherbiny)

Come on, admit it. The thought has to have crossed your mind before. When there’s a drama-mystery show about an amnesic woman trying to figure out what happened that led to both her husband and her lover’s deaths, who are you going to call if not the original queen of drama, Nelly Karim?

Dina El-Sherbiny for 100 Wesh (Instead of Nelly Karim)

We’re going full tables-turned with this one. If Nelly Karim can bring out her best acting for Le3bet El-Nesyan, we don’t doubt that Dina El-Sherbiny can actually do a pretty good job for 100 Wesh.

And before you say she doesn’t have comedy chops, well, you’ll need to do your research. Dina El-Sherbiny didn’t go hard for Hekayat Banat 1 to be overlooked.

Asser Yassin for El-Fetewa (Instead of Yasser Galal)

Okay, so hear us out first. Remember when Asser Yassin was the male lead on a show by the name El-Baltagy? Well, if you don’t, allow us to reassure you he did a pretty good job of creating a sympathetic, three-dimensional streetwise man.

And guess what? We’re willing to bet that if he has to do a variation of this character, set in 1800’s Egypt, he’ll bring his A-game there too. Okay, maybe we just want to see him in a caftan — still, valid.

Youssef El-Sherif for Shahed 3ayan (Instead of Hassan Raddad)

At this point in the article, you may be a little confused because you hadn’t heard of Shahed 3ayan. Allow us to enlighten you. Shahed 3ayan is about a brilliant cop who goes on the hunt of his life as he tries to track down his kidnapped wife while trying to disprove her murder.

Yeah, we know. This may not be Youssef El-Sherif’s cup of tea but, honestly? We can see him do a genius cop with a complicated history and a mystery of his hands like it’s second nature.

Youssra for Valentino (Instead of Dalal Abdelaziz)

Though Dalal Abdelaziz’s performance is one of the best on Valentino, we can’t help but wonder about this improbable “what-if” scenario. Don’t you?

We’re pretty sure that if two living legends like Yousra and Adel Imam shared the screen again (even if their story is one about a comically loveless marriage), we’d all be glad.

Chico and Hesham Maged for Regalet El-Beit (Instead of Ahmed Fahmy and Akram Hosny)

Sometimes, a show is only as good as the script behind it is. And sometimes, the script just doesn’t mesh well with the actors involved. We don’t know which point stands when it comes to Regalet El-Beit, but we do know this:

With Hesham Maged and Chico’s chemistry and comedic timing in El-Le3ba, maybe there could be hope.

Ghada Abdelrazek for Kheyanet Ahed (Instead of Youssra)

In Kheyanet Ahed, Yousra is a disgruntled woman being betrayed at every end by family members and confidantes, coming close to losing everything before deciding to seek revenge.

And you know who else does the Woman Scorned Gets Revenge plot insanely well? Ghada Abdelrazek. You know she’ll be sending Hala Shiha to the hills with just one glare.

Who else would you like to see recast?