‘Regret Nothing’; these words should always follow you no matter where you go. The feeling of regret is one of the most consuming and depressing feelings anyone could encounter.

You start overthinking all the ‘what ifs’; ‘what if’ I had never applied for this job, ‘what if’ I never met this person or even ‘what if’ I didn’t come to school today. All these questions keep your brain preoccupied that you eventually feel super drained.

Here is a list of why you shouldn’t ever regret a thing!

What is Meant to be Will Happen Regardless

People assume that if X didn’t happen, then they would have had what they always wanted; thinking that X was in the way. But in fact, even if you got your heart broken so many times, this will never stop you from meeting your one true love.

You Never Lose, You Either Win or Learn

As cliche as it sounds, but that is totally true. One always learns from his failed experiences and that is considered a win. If you failed in an interview, then you should ask for the reasons to avoid making the same mistakes in the future.

Your Experiences Shape Who You Are

We are the sum of our experiences, the good and the bad. Regretting anything that you did before would only mean that you want to erase a part of you. And I don’t think you will ever want to do that to your amazing present self.

It is Better to Try and Fail Than to Always Wonder ‘What if’

Pursuing something that you want to do is how you should be living your life. Of course you need to do the math beforehand and not depend fully on emotions. Because never giving it a try, will always leave you with the the question that you know no answer to, the ‘what if’. So it is better to know the truth that will calm you down, than to always live with the wondering.

You Will Become Emotionally Stronger

Going through failed experiences exposes you to feelings of hurt, regret and disappointment. But the more you take in and accept, the stronger you become. They say ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!’ So never regret an experience that didn’t kill you.

There is Always A Reason Behind Everything

God has a great plan for each and every one of us; we just need to trust Him more and trust His timing. Know that everything happens for a reason and that maybe just because you accepted that one boring internship, you might get the chance to be part of your dream company.

It is Just a Waste of Time and Energy

You always need to weigh both sides of an equation. If you spend so much time regretting what already happened, then you are wasting your present and future in nonsense. So instead of trying to turn things around to your favor, you are just sitting there whining about what already happened.

Always love yourself no matter what, and understand that you are who you are because of your experiences. Never regret anything you’ve done; you are stronger because of these hurtful events.