As the old yet plausible saying goes “Laughter is the best medicine”. Not just a medicine for a bad mood, or awkward encounters, no, a medicine for a troubled relationship too.

Poking fun at your partner has significant abilities in inducing intimacy, closeness, and strength to the relationship.

Feeling skeptical? Here is a detailed rundown of how making fun of each other can make your relationship stronger than ever: 


-The Friendship

It’s a known fact that the people you make fun of the most are your friends. And it’s also a known fact that the people you have the most fun with are your friends.

So if you make sure you insert the humor factor into the relationship, you and your partner will develop a sense of friendship in your relationship. This will help you feel more closeness towards each other. Hence a stronger healthier relationship and communication.

-The Comfortability

Getting to a level of comfortability where you have no problem laughing at yourselves and each other helps bring down a lot of walls between you and your partner.

Once you stop feeling self-conscious around your partner, you start to lose all the little insecurities that cause misunderstandings and mishaps between the two of you. Once that happens you two will develop strong and clear communication channels that will allow your relationship to grow stronger than ever.

That’s not us talking, that’s a relationship trick based on an official study.

More specifically, that’s according to the findings Jeffrey Hall from the University of Kansas reached when he conducted a total of 39 studies involving over 15,000 people over the course of 30 years!

However, like anything in life hammering on this can go sideways. So as cool of a trick as this is, one must know how to use it.

In a statement, Hall explained that this is directly related to the humor both partners create TOGETHER. I.E. laugh with each other at each other.

Things to be careful about

-Insecurities are OFF LIMITS

Just because we told you that making fun of each other makes the relationship stronger, doesn’t mean you can go picking your partner apart. There’s a difference between being playful and being mean. You have to recognize it.

We all have deep-rooted insecurities, that’s just a fact. And not all of us find it funny to have those insecurities displayed or pointed out. So even though you might be trying to be funny, doing so will only hurt your partner’s feelings and make them more aware of themselves and more self-conscious around you which will only drive them away from you.

-Timing is everything

So you can’t go making fun of your partner on the first date, or even the first month. Like we said, being able to laugh with each other at each other requires a level of intimacy the relationship does not have in its early stages.

A love relationship at first is all about getting to know each other, the dos and don’ts, so it is still fragile and needs a high level of cautiousness. Because the small dent in these stages could turn into an unfixable crack.


As amazing as it is to be so close and comfortable with your loved one that you can joke about anything including each other, YOU MUST BE CAREFUL not to cross the line between poking fun and poking feelings. Playfully teasing each other? Acceptable. Aggressive snide comment that puts the other person down? ABSOLUTELY NOT ACCEPTABLE.

In simpler words; the point of this trick is to laugh with each other, if you are laughing alone, you are doing it wrong.