Texting Culture

Over the last decade, the text culture has incorporated itself into our lifestyle. And as the days passed by, phone calls and meet ups became less necessary, because the easy alternative exists. However, is that really for the better?

People, especially teenagers and young adults are building their social lives around the internet. And that’s not odd, considering we live in the modern 21st century. That being said, as much as the internet and social media, in general, have helped us evolve, still they’re ruining some aspects of our lives.

Texting Culture

One of those ‘ruined’ aspects is relationships, for sure. You may wonder why! Well, it’s easy. The text culture has led people to be less expressive and less physically interactive.

The ‘Emojis’ Replacement

Texting Culture

Emojis are now replacing kind words and warm expressions. Now, if you want to tell someone you love them, you just send the dark red heart in the keyboard, and that’s it. However, when people get mad at each other, they don’t send the angry face; they just stop talking.

Unsaid Words

And that’s how it is; texts are making relationships so fragile and easy to break. You could be dating someone for eight months, for example, and get into an argument over WhatsApp and just like that; someone stops replying or ends the message with an ‘OK’ and it’s done for. 

Texting Culture

So many friendships fall out because of that. But even more relationships fail to merely exist because of the so calledText Culture‘. Why? Because there are so many unsaid words and a whole lot of unexpressed feelings and unresolved messages!

Texting Culture


Deleting Messages

It’s now incredibly easy to delete a message for it to vanish from the face of the earth like it was never sent. And that message could contain the ‘I love you‘ or the ‘I miss you‘ words that the person on the other end needed to know.

Texting Culture

But because someone felt nervous and apprehensive from the reaction, the entire relationship failed to happen. Even when there are certain feelings from both sides!


That’s in addition to the things we don’t mean that are said in the middle of written arguments. Especially when they come out wrong, everything changes!

And if they had been said over the phone or to the person’s face, they would have probably come out with a different tone that would’ve made the person less angry. Most importantly, our facial reactions are crucial, when it comes to that.

Texting Culture

When you say you love someone but your eyes don’t show it; at least they have been warned that it’s not sincere, for some reason. And if you say something hurtful without meaning it, your face will definitely show it and it would be easier for the other person to understand.

People need to realize how texting is damaging their relationships with friends and loved ones.

Going out more, talking on the phone, hearing each other’s voices and seeing eye to eye are all why and how many people get closer and fall in love as well.

Therefore it’s time to get rid of the “Texting Culture” or even start moving away from it, step by step.