Remember how in the old times the after always looked better/prettier in the before & after pictures?

Yes, you do? 

As always, Egypt has never ceased to surprise us and decided to kiss this norm goodbye! Now, on the streets of Egypt we have the before looking finer and more logical than the after.

1- Khedive Ismail

In the era this great man lived, government officials were dressed in royal colors like gold, brown and army-green. In our times, we dress government officials in colors that make them look like they just stepped straight out of a ‘silver and black’- themed concert!

This one is actually being taken seriously and the Ministry of Agriculture is starting some investigations about it.

2- Um Kolthoum

The lady who was known for her elegant classic gowns, royal accessories along with her famous ‘mandeel’ is now all dressed in an olive-green dress that makes the perfect contrast with her chocolate-like painted skin.

3- Abbas El Akkad

With the abundance of makeup artists nowadays, we guess one took a staircase and hung into the neck of Abbas El Akkad and put some glam makeup on him!


4- Ahmed Oraby

Who said white horses are restricted to fairytales and Disney movies?

Now, freedom icons come on white horses wearing grass-green suites.



Those are NOT before & after, yet not less hilarious!

5- Ahmed Zewail

If we start counting Professor Ahmed Zewail’s prizes, achievements, conferences, research papers and discoveries, we’d probably lose count.

So in return, artists decided to honor the man by making him a statue that makes him look like he lost his limbs.


6- Hoda Al Shaarawy

The woman lived her whole life advocating for women’s rights and supporting them in every way. Is that what she deserves? Making her a statue that made people mock her for looking like Hosny Mubarak?


Definitely NOT.


7- 7amamet El Salam

The supposedly ‘Peace Pigeon’, in its newest look. People are sharing sarcastic comments like “We’re waiting for the pigeon’s egg to crack”.


8- Om El Donia

Forget all the times you’ve heard sarcastic comments about the ‘Om El Donia’ cliche…..This is a brand new piece!

How would a woman, with a box around her head ever resemble motherhood or greatness and diversity?!