By: Dahlia El Halawany

The subway has become part of our daily lives; we can’t do without it. It saves time and money and lessens the anxiety we get from driving on our chaotic streets; it’s the optimal option for me personally. But sometimes a lot of stuff just get on our nerves.

Buying a Ticket

The first thing that you obviously need to do is buy a ticket, but it’s not that easy. When everyone just doesn’t believe in queues, it can be a tough task. You just have to be clustered around to buy a ticket. You have to have the ability of a snake to get your way into the crowd.
Pro tip: Ask someone in front to buy you a ticket or you can buy a rechargeable metro card in advance to save you some effort! If you don’t want to buy the card, you can buy many tickets at a time and keep them in your wallet for future use.

Riding the Car

When the train comes to a complete stop, you’re supposed to get in from the sides but it’s still different here. You force your way in from the middle and you come off the car like you’re some kind of American football player. It’s okay if you missed your station; it happens all the times.
Pro tip: Stand in the middle of the group. Whether you’re getting on or off the car, these people will protect you.

Switching Lines

Switching lines in Attaba station can be like a tormenting workout session. The endless stairs may not be an issue for athletic commuters, but others just like me find it really tiring. You can’t even mention escalators; people run towards it like it’s the stairway to heaven.
Pro tip: I wish I could help you but consider it exercise.

The Smell

The smell is the biggest monster of them all. I’ve been under someone’s armpits once and I can assure you it’s not fun;
it’s like a dumpster that hasn’t been cleaned since the 70s. If you don’t shower in the morning, please do it for hygiene purposes and for the sake of other people’s feelings. Use deodorant as well; it keeps you odorless all day!
Pro tip: I wish I could help you but get used to it!

Finding a Seat

Even if you’re lucky enough to find a seat during rush hour, you usually end up giving it up for an elderly citizen. But be careful, sometimes it’s a trap. The old woman I once gave up my seat for ended up racing like a pro Olympic runner when her station came.
Pro tip: Save your seat to yourself; you still have a long way back home.

The Lady Who Has Everything

Last but not least, the moving mall, aka the woman who sells everything from socks, shower caps to wax if need be. I once asked her for a pad and she had it! She has everything you think you don’t need but you’re too tempted to get.
Pro tip: Have change ready on you so you can shop!

Metro struggles can go on and on, but all of these turn into funny experiences you get to tell your friends. A mother once hooked me up with her son for marriage in the ladies car even though I was 10 years his senior! Share your funny metro experiences with us in the comments section below.