Rihanna has set the benchmark really high for Crop Over costumes for years to come. After years of not taking part in her hometown, Barbados, traditional Crop Over Festival, Rihanna makes a come back with one of the wildest costumes ever. Some people believe one shouldn’t bother thinking about their Crop Over costume anymore, for they will never beat Rihanna’s look.

And still some people comment about her figure.

The costume was chosen by Rihanna after designer Lauren Austin sketched her a couple of designs. Austin says that Rihanna picked the wildest one.

The carnival is celebrated annually in Barbados, and the costumes are usually sparkly and feathery. Rihanna didn’t participate since 2015 when she showed up wearing a bra top and a sparkly thong.

What’s different this time, however, is Rihanna having an Arab boyfriend. As we all know Arab boyfriends just tend to comment or more like complain about any outfit their girlfriends wear: too revealing, too tight, it’s a see through, it’s not the time nor the place for the outfit. Well, one might get too curious, like I am, to know what’s Rihanna’s boyfriend take on her Crop Over costume?

Or guys why don’t you tell us what you think?