Fifi Abdo

Just when we thought nothing can make Fifi Abdo more interesting, she comes in her very Foffa way and proves us wrong.

We all love Fifi Abdo, whether we want to admit it or not. Her sass and gravity-defying confidence will leave you secretly envying her, but that’s not all there is to Foffa! She always has more up her sleeves than you might think!

In Fifi Abdo’s latest TV appearance with Amr Adib on his talk show El Hekaya, she revealed some dieting secrets, fashion choices and some very, very interesting facts about herself.

Here are the most interesting:

Ripped Jeans: Foffa did it first!

While chatting with Amr Adib about her diet regimen and fashion interests, Foffa began to unveil the pioneer part of her personality.

Apparently, Fifi Abdo was rocking ripped jeans long before they were even a thing, specifically, long before Kim Kardashian wore them.

Yes, Foffa did it first, Kim! 

Work it, Foffa! 

5 Mewah: Official Property Of Foffa

I don’t think we need to introduce this one! We’ve all heard it, know it and used it! It is the Fifi Abdo trademark; 5 Mewah.

In her interview with Amr Adib, he asked Foffa about the special lingo she uses; such as “5 Mewah”, “I swear I love you”, “Aywa b2a we yalla b2a”, and how it all started.

She explaines that it came to her quite coincidental when she started using Instagram, only for Amr Adib to be surprised that “5 Mewah” is her very own original invention.

Come on, Amr! How could you have missed that! 

Foffa then emphasizes the fact that not only is it her original invention, she even had it officially registered under her name in the Registry Office. 

Yes, 5 Mewah is registered as an official property of Fifi Abdo, so you better not think about stealing it! 

So there you have it, two of several inventions with which Foffa has blessed us. One can only wonder; where would our lives be right now without Foffa?