Romanseya Manseya

Who hasn’t heard of the new internet sensation “Romanseya Manseya”? We all basically tune in every time there’s a new episode to hear the greatest funniest jokes from Yaya and Safi.

And whether you’re team Yaya or team Safi, you know you just can’t get enough of whatever any of them has to say.

Apparently now it’s not just us, the social media generation, who enjoy their pickup lines, but also Esaad Younes!

On Tuesday, April 2nd, DMC’s “Sahbet El Saada” hosted Yaya and Safi on the show to try and make Younes laugh like they usually do with the guests on their internet show.

And if you think Younes wouldn’t laugh to this awesome duet’s jokes, you’re wrong. She was cracking up!

Take a look:

AND GUESS WHO WON! (Hint: He also smashed the other one in their latest episode in season 2 – and it doesn’t happen often – lol)

Needless to say, the show’s fans LOVED IT!Romanseya ManseyaRomanseya Manseya

Romanseya Manseya

So tell us, what did you guys think of the hilarious episode? Are you team Yaya or Safi?