Another day, another irrelevant person made famous. This time, however, the person made famous is causing quite the controversy.

The “On the run” guy is now, apparently, a D-list star where people have been taking pictures with him, other D-list stars capitalizing on the trend and making stories about him, and the worst part, he’s been displayed in the visuals of one of Sahel’s biggest clubs – 6ix degrees.

Twitter user, George Salib, took to his twitter account stating that he thinks the “On the run” guy is in front of him in a bar, and people are taking pictures with him.

While we thought he might be exaggerating, turned out that this is actually true. The man was in Gouna, and people did, in fact, take pictures with him.

One of those people was Instagram user “The Baddest Adventurer” who out of all her travel photography, decided this was the “adventure” she wanted to sponsor on Instagram.

While on the other hand, photographer and filmmaker, Salma El Kashef, (Keeping in mind that El Kashef has been vocally defending women, multiple times) took to her instastories to say her night was made by meeting the “On the run” guy.

The so-called feminist deactivated her twitter account after the backlash she received for posting the video.

The worst part for us, however, was the fact that the man’s face was displayed in the visual background of the club 6ix degrees.

On the other hand, however, the woman who originally posted the video was forced to deactivate all her accounts on social media, had her pictures circulated online and being called every negative thing you can possibly imagine, and even had a caricature drawn of her.

Since we have been accused of being biased during our last article, we would like to keep the article at just that and leave it up to you to decide on whether we do, in fact, live in a male dominated world or not.